The Great Pyrenees Club of America's Rescue program helps to find suitable homes for misplaced and orphaned Great Pyrenees. Here you will find information about the program:

  • Rescue Information – An overview of the GPCA Rescue program.

  • Rescue Contacts – Contact information for those wanting to adopt, those wanting to be a foster home, and those needing a new home for their Great Pyrenees.

  • Adoption Application – You can fill out and submit our online adoption application.

  • Puppy Mills – Most of our rescue dogs were purchased at puppy mills or pet shops. This article explains why you should avoid them when buying a puppy.

  • Mission Statement – How the Great Pyrenees Club of America as a parent club is involved in the Rescue program.

  • Reimbursement Procedures – The Great Pyrenees Club of America helps to finance the costs of individual rescue groups. Here's how they can apply for reimbursement.

  • Does a Pyr Always Need a Pyr as a Peer? – This article talks about compatibility of Pyrs with other animals.