Urgent Message

Emergency Rescue Situation in Florida

The GPCA is aware of a horrendous situation in Florida that involves as many as 80 Great Pyrenees dogs. The dogs belonged to GPCA member Linda McNeil of MonAmi Kennels, who passed away on Sunday, June 8. Linda had been in poor health for a number of years but has refused all help. At this point, there are between 60 and 80 dogs running free over 35 acres.

The rescue process will likely be daunting, as the dogs are not socialized and have developed 'pack mentality' over the years. To our knowledge, none of these dogs have been spayed, neutered or vaccinated. There are a number of rescue groups working on this. Janet Ingram and Kathy Lee will be present when the first dogs are removed this Monday, June 26.

Ten puppies have already been taken from the property for vet care, after they were first thought to be dead. They were severely malnourished and lethargic but have since been released to foster care Tuesday. Additional bitches may be pregnant. All the dogs on the property are covered with ticks and fleas and wounds from fighting, and need immediate care.

We need your help! We need donations to help feed, vet, and foster these dogs! If you live anywhere near Vernon, Florida (or anywhere for that matter), and you can help foster and/or adopt any dogs, please get in touch with Janet Ingram 540-731-8692 or jlingram@usit.net. Please open your hearts and wallets to make a donation to Rescue, as this is going to take months of work in order to place these dogs in loving homes. Click the Donate button below, or send or send a check (made out to GPCA) to Judy Brown, ATTN McNeil, 436 Center Pointe Dr., Cary, NC 27513. These donations will only be used for Rescue, and are tax-deductible.